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National real-time transfers from mobile
or through agents anywhere in Albania!


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For the first time in Albania!

We introduce you with EasyPay, the company that makes payments possible from your phone

EasyPay, payments leader in Albania!

Pay from your phone for more than 35 services

In this decade, we grew together.


EasyPay is licensed by the Bank of Albania
as “Non-Banking Financial Institution”

The first e-commerce platform is introduced
in Albania. Agent number goes to 135


First collaboration with
a telecommunications company.
Agents number goes to 182.

First company in Albania that
integrates with a foreign Bank to offer payments
with VISA and MasterCard.
Agents number goes to 195.


The first Albanian application for online payments
is introduced with two more services, water bill payments
and fines of the police.
EasyPay is introduced as a platform payment for merchants.
Agents number goes to 250.
shkon në 250.

November 2015, EasyPay gets licensed as an
Electronic Money Institution, from the BoA.
Electricity bill payment is offered.
Cooperation with BKT for payments in Lek.
Agents number goes to 265.


Partnership with Ria Money Transfer.
Services portfolio continues to expand.
The App is equipped with QR code reader,
fingerprint authentication, and push notifications.
Agents number goes to 275.

EasyPay Ticket platform is introduced.
It offers online ticket purchase on the web and mobile.
Agents number goes to 297.


EasyPay is licensed by the BoA to provide
Currency Exchange and Consulting Services.
Fillon partneriteti me Entet e Ofrimit të Mikrokredive.
EasyPay offers Money Exchange service
and financial consulting.
Agents number goes to 378.

In July 2019 EasyPay receives
"License from the Financial Supervision Authority"
as an Insurance Agent expanding even further
EasyPay wallet. Service of Tax and Local Tariffs Tirana is added.
The service "Online Cash-Collection" is launched.
Agent number goes to 437.
Numri i agjentëve shkon në 437.


One of the most innovative products is launched on the market,
the real-time transfers by mobile, using the EasyPay Application - a service referred to, as EasyTransfer
where every EasyPay Electronic Money customer can transfer money to another customer.
Agents number goes to 450, and continues to grow.
Numri i agjentëve shkon në 450 dhe vazhdon rritet.





USD - Dollar
EUR - Euro
GBP - Paund
CHF - Franga Zvicerane

Pay any time

Avoid long queues when paying your bills
Use our platform and pay with your mobile

Transfer Money

International transfers via Ria Money Transfer and national transfers via EasyTransfer.

Free account

EasyPay account comes with 0 registration and maintenance fee.

Add money simple and fast

Add money to your account instantly via debit/credit card or through your bank account, at 0 fees.

No bank account?

Visit one of our +500 EasyPay Agents throughout Albania, you will most likely find one of them in your neighborhood.

Bills, Utilities and Top-Ups

Pay your bills, utilities and top up your mobile or Pay TV in real-time

Fines and Taxes

Pay the police fines and the fines and taxes of the Municipality of Tirana in real-time

Microloans and Insurance

Pay your microloan instalments and insurance simple and fast with EasyPay

E-Commerce, Events and Tickets

Buy products online and get your favorite event ticket with EasyPay

EasyPay Agents

Did you know that EasyPay has over 500 points of sale across the country?

Also called agents, they offer our portfolio of services in their shops, making them our closest partners.

For more information contact

Send money worldwide with the lowest rates on the market!

EasyPay is the official partner of Ria Money Transfer in Albania.
You can send money worldwide through our +500 Agents where 'Ria' or 'EasyPay' is written.

Secure and reliable
money transfers

Our Journey

This is our journey!
Why did we start and what inspires us every day?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

+What is EasyPay?
EasyPay is an Electronic Money Institution which owns a digital payment and transfer platform, that provides fast and secure services. It is present on the Android, iOS and Windows platform. To get acquainted with EasyPay services, download the free EasyPay application.
+How does it works?
First, you need to create an EasyPay account, which you can load with funds through your debit/credit card (Visa or MasterCard), directly from your bank account or with cash at our EasyPay POS. Once the account is set up, you can start immediately making payments and transfer money in real-time.
+Why should I choose EasyPay?
It is very simple; you don’t need cash all the time and you avoid long queues. You can use the EasyPay account to pay all your bills, transfer money and buy products, at any time, from your couch or even when you are on vacation mode.
+Is it safe to pay with EasyPay?
EasyPay is an Electronic Money Institution licensed from the Bank of Albania, which offers you maximum security on every platform since the registration moment, through two security elements (unique code and PIN), which reduces the possibility of manipulation and fraudulent activities.
+What should I do, if I don’t own a bank account, debit/credit card or e-banking?
Even if you do not have a bank account, you can still register and create an EasyPay account. Go and load your EasyPay account with “cash” at one our POS.
+I am not sure if the payment was successful? What should I do?
EasyPay notifies you by email or SMS immediately once the payment has been successfully processed. If you did not receive the email within a few minutes, check wether the email has landed in the spam or junk folders, if not then please contact us: +355 4 2 264 982
+Are there any additional fees for paying with EasyPay?
EasyPay offers most services at no extra cost. For more information on service fees, please visit the EasyPay Account page.
+Can I cancel the payment?
Regarding transaction cancellations, please refer to Section 7 of the EasyPay Terms and Conditions (At the bottom of this page).
+My EasyPay account has been blocked? How can I re-activate it again?
The EasyPay account can be closed for the following reasons:
1. Upon written request from the customer.
2. The entered data during the opening of the account do not match with data of the means of identification.
3. During the customer verification process, inaccurate or inconsistent data result in compliance with the customer identification.
4. In cases of performing activities contrary to the Terms and Conditions of use of EasyPay services. If your account is closed, send us an email at and we will do our best to solve it. If you do not find the right answer here, then send us an email at: and we will answer you in a few minutes.
If your account is closed, send us an email at and we will do our best to solve it.
If you don’t find the right answer here, then send us an email at: and we will answer you in a few minutes.