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Join EasyPay

Be part of the EasyPay family

How to join EasyPay in just a few steps

the account
Pay and
send money

1. Download in App Store or Play Store

EasyPay App is supported on each platform.

Click "Download" to get the app directly from the App or Play Store.


2. Register in less than 3 minutes

1. Choose your credentials

Choose ‘Krijo një llogari falas’ and follow the steps:
Insert your e-mail address
Create a password
Insert a valid Albanian mobile number
Confirm ‘Termat dhe Kushtet’
Click ‘Vazhdo’

2. Verify your mobile number

A SMS with a 4-digit code will be sent to your number.
Insert the code you got via SMS
Click ‘Vazhdo’ to verify your mobile number or resend it again

3. Verify your e-mail address

A link will be sent to your e-mail address.
Click the link to verify your e-mail address
Get back to the app and click ‘Vazhdo’
Check Spam/Junk folders if you don’t see the email!

4. Upload you ID Card or Passport

Choose “EasyScan”, which scans the ID in seconds and uploads the information automatically. In that case, you can jump to the next step.
In case you choose ‘Ngarko’, take a picture of your ID or upload it from your phone and fill out the following information:
Personal ID number
Expiration date of ID
Click ‘Ngarko’

5. Fill out your personal information and finish the registration

Full Name (incl. father's name)
City of residence
Date of birth
Click ‘Përfundo regjistrimin’ to create your EasyPay account

You are now part of


3. Recharge the account

Add money with your Visa or MasterCard

Go to ‘Rimbush me kartë’.

Enter the value in ALL you want to add to your EasyPay account
Click ‘Kredito’

You will be directed to your bank page where you will need to fill out
your debit/credit card details. Follow the steps, click 'Konfirmo' and
your account will be loaded have the same amount you transferred.

Link EasyPay with your bank account

Go to ‘Nuk keni llogari bankare’

If you own a BKT account:
Sign the “E-Collection” contract for individuals at the nearest branch.
Fill out the client number (CIF code) in the app and click 'Konfirmo'.
Your bank account will be verified and connected to EasyPay within 24 hours.

If you own a Union Bank account: Union Bank:
Click the Union Bank logo and a 6-digit code will be displayed.
Show the 6-digit code at the nearest branch.
Fill out the client number (CIF code) in the app and click 'Konfirmo'.
Your bank account is now linked to EasyPay.

After linking your bank account to your EasyPay account:
Choose one of the banks, 'BKT' or 'Union Bank'.
Fill out the amount you want to add to your EasyPay account.
Wait for the verification SMS from EasyPay and confirm your transaction.

No bank account?

Find the nearest EasyPay point of sale on the map or enable the location access
in your mobile settings. You will see all the EasyPay point of sales near you.


Go to the nearest point of sale.
Give your EasyPay account username.
Pay in cash the amount you desire to add and your account will be credited with
the same value in real time.

4. Pay your bills and send money

Pay your bills

Once you have added money to your account, you can now
select and pay your bills.

The full list of payment services you can use can be found here.

Money transfers all across Albania with EasyTransfer

Through EasyTransfer, EasyPay brings a solution for instant money transfer in Albania.

EasyTransfer enables instant money transfers through the mobile phone and EasyPay’s agent network throughout Albania.

For more, visit EasyTransfer.

You forgot or want to change your password?

Enter the username in the required field and click ‘Rivendos’
You will get notified via email on how to change your password

Check the email you just got and click on ‘Krijo fjalëkalimin e ri’

Choose a new password and confirm it again

Remember: Follow the password rules.

Click ‘Konfirmo’

I forgot the password and can't log in

Open the app and click ‘Keni harruar fjalëkalimin’

Zgjidhni 3 pikat lart në të djathtë të ekranit.

Select ‘Ndrysho fjalëkalimin’

Enter the old password, select a new one and confirm it again.

Remember: Follow the password rules.

Click ‘Ndrysho’

I want to change my password

Change the password if you are already logged in