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Bills, Utilities and Top-Ups

Pay the bills for yourself or for your loved ones, even if you are not in Albania.

Electricity bills
Eagle Mobile
Top-up and offer subscriptions
Water Supply Providers
Water bills
ONE Telecommunications
Top-up and offer subscriptions
Municipality of Tirana
Kindergarten and Nurseries bills
Pay TV subscriptions
Albtelecom, Abissnet, Digicom
Fixed line telephone, internet or IPTV bills

Fines and Taxes

Don't waste any time. Pay your fines and taxes easy and fast.

State Police
Fines payments
Municipality of Tirana
Tax payments
Fines payments

Microloans and Insurance

Kryeni pagesat e kësteve të mikrokredisë dhe siguracionit në kohë reale, në pikat EasyPay

Loan instalment payments Loan disbursement
Në rrjetin e +500 pikave EasyPay në të gjithë Shqipërinë
Pagesa të shërbimeve EasyPay. Aplikim për kredi. Pagesa e kësteve të kredisë dhe Disbursim kredie
Vetëm në disa pika EasyPay dhe NOA.
Sigal Uniqa Group Austria
Insurance payments
Where: Only at few Points of Sale
Insurance payments
Where: Only at few Points of Sale
Agro & Social Fund
Loan instalment payments
Në rrjetin e +500 pikave EasyPay në të gjithë Shqipërinë


With EasyPay, online purchases are made even if you don't own a bank account.

Fresh Garden
Ide Dhuratash
Librari Albas
TEDx Tirana
Business Magazine
Babagjyshi Sekret

Events and Tickets

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