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National real-time transfers from
your phone and our agents!

What is EasyTransfer?

Money transfers on mobile and at our agents

Money transfer between your friends and family becomes easier, more secure and faster with our newest service.

EasyTransfer is a solution for your business

You can transfer money towards your business partners everywhere in Albania and without any fees. With no queues, you take care of your transactions even if you don't find a bank near you.

What kind of transfers do we offer?

1. With the EasyPay App

EasyTransfer from EasyPay allows you sending and receiving money in real-time, all across Albania, safe and with 0 fees.

2. Transferta kombëtare

EasyTransfer through our EasyPay agents allows you to send and receive money everywhere in Albania even if you don't own a bank account. We cover the whole Albanian territory with our +460 agents.

3. Coming Soon

EasyPay comes soon with a new money transfer service. Stay tuned!

How it works

1. With the EasyPay App

Create an EasyPay account, add money and you are ready to send and receive money instantly from every EasyPay client. For more click here

2. Transferta kombëtare

Visit one of our +460 POS/agents and transfer money all across Albania in just a few seconds. For more click here

3. Coming Soon

We are near you at every moment, trying to make each financial transaction easier for you