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CERTAMENTE Albania – First Albanian Neuromarketing Conference

Accent Business Consulting and the leading Neuromarketing company in Italy Ottosunove bring CERTAMENTE Albania – First Albanian Neuromarketing Conference with a focus on the business and communication world.

CERTAMENTE Albania is the first Albanian Neuromarketing conference aimed at the world of business and communication. CERTAMENTE started in Italy in 2016 and since then it has been the most authoritative annual event on the subject in the region. This year, the event comes to Tirana for a one-day conference co-organized by Accent Business Consulting and Ottosunove, the leading neuromarketing company in Italy. It brings together scholars, experts and companies to deepen and discuss the positive effects of the neuro-scientific approach to the business, presenting and sharing case studies, evidences and updates at national and international level.

Who is CERTAMENTE  for?

CERTAMENTE is aimed at those who want to verify the effectiveness of their marketing and communication activities, by deepening their knowledge of actual consumer behaviours. The opportunities of networking will be useful to better understand how to revitalize and strengthen your business. During the one-day edition of the conference we will investigate the non-conscious sensory and emotional aspects which are at the basis of consumer choice. Practical case studies, demonstrating the benefits of a behavioral and neuromarketing approach applied to advertising, branding, retail design, pricing and promotional activities, will be presented by the speakers.

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October 1, 2019