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”How are we going to pay in 2020?” Infocom World Albania 8th Conference


Infocom Albania has published its 5th Infocom Magazine. Part of this publication is also an article from CEO of EasyPay, Linda Shomo, which speaks about digital payments and the way we will make payments in 2020.

The article is a written testimony of the speech that EasyPay gave throughout the 8th conference of Infocom World Albania on April 5th.

In the video that you can find below, CEO of EasyPay speaks about unbanked, fintechs, online banking, digital payments, e-wallet, costumers and millenials.

Infocom World Albania 8th Conference hosted 600 guests from the world of business, technology, and innovation. The attendees represented important public and private institutions. Minister of Innovation Mrs. Milena Harito kicked the event off with her speech followed by her colleague from the Ministry of Innovation of Kosovo. CEO of  EasyPay Mrs. Linda Shomo spoke about EasyPay and how it has grown into what it is today as well as about payments in the region and in the world and what we expect them to be like in 2020. The biggest surprise of this edition was Mr. Ketan Makwana, aka the Accidental Entrepreneur who used to act as a economic advisor of former British PM David Cameron.



July 11, 2017