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The movie I LOVE TROPOJA (Gjall A Vdek), get your ticket online with EasyPay

For the first time, the Palace of Congresses will be transformed into a magnificent cinema, premiering the long-awaited movie I LOVE TROPOJA (Gjall A Vdek). Many popular and beloved characters from the Albanian public will be part of the cast. Here are some of them: Ermal Mamaqi, Enca Haxhia, Irgen Cela, Arjola Demiri, Mariana Kondi, Bujar Asqeriu, Spring Veizi, Bruno Shllaku, Behar Mera, etc.

EasyPay will provide for all fans and interested customers, the online ticket service for the movie I LOVE TROPOJA (Gjall A Vdek). EasyPay retains the exclusivity of selling online tickets in Albania, which will premiere between  January 30-February 11. The film will be screened 6 times a day, at the Palace of Congresses.

Join a unique evening in the company of the movie I LOVE TROPOJA (Gjall A Vdek) by purchasing your ticket now through one of the options below:

  • Pay via Visa/Mastercard – If you are a Visa/Mastercard cardholder, you can pay directly through your card: ticket.easypay.al
  • Through EasyPay agents’ network. Find the nearest agent here: ly/epbileta
  • Pay directly through the EasyPay button – You must have or create an active account at EasyPay: ticket.easypay.al
  1. If you are not registered, you can download the EasyPay app for free on your phone (Android, iOS, Windows) or by accessing our website, www.easypay.al.
  2. You have now created an electronic wallet that you can top up in the ways presented to you on the application (via your credit or debit card, through your bank account or with cash at one of the EasyPay POS which you also find on the app or website). You can then use this online wallet to pay for your purchase (in this case a ticket) at ticket.easypay.al. At the time of payment you will only need to enter your EasyPay account username and password.

For more visit: ticket.easypay.al


A little about the subject of the film:

The film deals with dramatic situations combined with current phenomena occurring in a city in northern Albania, Tropoja. In describing the different situations, the comedic tones will entertain you and also will prevail give educational messages.

The main character of the film is a guy with big ambitions for life, who hopes that soon will get the position he deserves in the company where he works, but suddenly the opposite happens. He finds himself where he had never thought, in a northern town, in Tropoja (the city of the Taken-Marko Hoxha film), where hope seems to have faded with the world in his mind.

In the course of time he realizes that life in the distant city was not at all what he had thought. People do not have a vicious character and there are no dangers that threaten his life, and even so he suddenly finds the love of his life.

After all, habits are habits, and the provincial mentality sometimes becomes an obstacle for the couple. Will love triumph in the end?

13 Janar, 2020